Problems people face and struggle while making an appointment with doctor in India

Although India has a vast pool of emergency medical practitioners still due to the immense population in India, there is approximately one doctor per 1700 people. This is one of the major reasons why it is difficult for everyone in India to get appropriate medical care and support and this also complicates the procedure to get a doctor’s appointment due to the large number of engagements a doctor may have in a day.

India is still very much behind in terms of technology and thus not every doctor offers the facility to take appointments over the internet which further complicates the process of doctor patient engagement. Thus the problem of the number of doctors per patient plus the lack of doctors available over the internet makes it a difficult task for people to get a doctor’s appointment in this country.

Having to be at a doctor’s clinic physically means getting to the clinic and then waiting there for numerous hours till he reaches his turn. This is a major problem if the patient has some critical ailment and he needs immediate care since he has to first go to the doctor and then wait for his time and if the doctor is a famous one then this struggle becomes a greater one.

Another issue apart from the long waiting hours is the money that people need to spend to go to a doctor and to pay his fees. If the doctor’s fees are less considerably then there’s a chance that the medicines may be expensive. Thus, even today in India, most people try to cure their problems through home remedies before going to the doctor and if their problem is cured then they would not go to the doctor at all.

There are also some rules with every doctor’s clinic regarding the prescription and refills for the medicines. They do not provide prescription drugs elsewhere and no doctor allows that without a fortnightly fee. Also, there are also some additional waiting hours if you also need to get some lab-work or tests done before your appointment. If you are unwell and it has recently been a major holiday then God save you.

To take care of the above issues it is important to put some system in place for the patients. Firstly, it is important to bring the doctors online to ensure booking appointments is easier. Also, there should be better systems in place regarding the paperwork and insurance formalities to ensure the patient’s health is not at risk. The doctors can help patients by ensuring they have efficient staff that takes care of the prior formalities so that the doctor can straightaway treat the patients. Also lab tests should be ensured efficiently by the clinic’s staff and the laboratory should be closer to the clinics.

The above measures may help to some extent to bring down the problems people face while making an appointment with the doctors in India and may ensure that the interaction between the doctors and the patients is a pleasant one.

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