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Digital Maximum Minimum Thermometer With Probe

  • Product Description

    1. MCP Digital Maxima Minima Room Thermometer & Hygrometer with Probe TH- 035 simultaneously displays Humidity and Indoor/outdoor temperature.

    2. Temperature unit deg C or deg F switchable Max/min memory button displays the maximum and minimum humidity and temperature simultaneously Instrument is housed in a white ABS case which has keyhole slot for wall hanging The waterproof remote sensor is attached to the unit with a 2 meter PVC lead for outside temperature measurement.

    3. Ideal for use in a wide range of applications like building inspection, agriculture, cigar room, grow rooms, greenhouses, care homes, offices, environmental studies, scientific research institute, laboratory, printing industry, food distribution, store room, art gallery, museum, hospital and clinics, HVAC installation and other application for monitoring temperature and humidity.



    Model Name                :         Digital Maxima Minima Room Hygrometer with Probe

    Color                            :         White

    Flexible Tip                  :          Yes

    Memory Function         :          Yes

    Measurement Range   :      -10 to 50 deg C, 14 to 122 deg F, -50 to 70 deg C, -58 to 158 deg F

    Measurement Accuracy:         1 Deg C

    Sales Package             :           Digital Maxima Minima Hygrometer, Battery