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Fridge Aquarium Thermometer

  • Product Description

    Model: MCP TH33

    ISO, CE Mark, WHO GMP


    -  Mini LCD thermometer
    - Type: Digital
    -  Applications: Aquarium, Fridge, Outdoor, etc.
    -  Sensor cable length: 1 meter
    - Batteries: LR44 coin cell (Easily available) (2 x Batteries are included in this product)



    1. This LCD digital Thermometer comes with a 1.5m long probe that may be used to measure the temperature of a variety of different areas. It's commonly used in aquariums, poultry, reptiles, incubators, greenhouses, and other similar environments.

    2. At the same time, the temperature is displayed on the LCD. Aquarium thermometers are a little but important piece of equipment for your aquarium. Changing or inadequate water temperature can have a severe effect on both fish and plants, even if the tank appears to be in good condition. Temperatures should be recorded on a frequent basis to ensure that the aquarium water temperature remains consistent and within the ideal range for your fish.

    3. This indoor thermometer allows to you quickly and simply determines the temperature and humidity of the environment around you. Perfect for use in reptiles, aquariums, poultry, office, bedrooms, living rooms, incubators, brooders, cigar rooms, and other location where temperature level must be monitored.