Select the Right Hearing Aid

How Do I Select the Right Hearing Aid?

Patients with hearing impairment often feel uncomfortable in the society and also in their everyday life when they find communication to be extremely difficult. Therefore, they resort to using hearing aids as a tool to ensure they can carry out their everyday activity without any problems. When looking for a hearing aid most people are worried whether it will help or how they will look.

For the above reasons, it is important to get the following details while selecting a hearing aid:

  • What are the major things to look into while deciding on a hearing aid.
  • The types of hearing aids available to you.
  • What to do to get used to wearing hearing aids.

It is important to note that hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, but improve it by amplifying soft sounds.

How do Hearing Aids work:Hearing aids have a microphone to convert sound waves into an electrical signal which is amplified or edited by signal conditioning process, then the amplified signal is converted back to sound by the receiver (speaker). The process is powered by the battery of the device. Hearing aids are of 2 types, traditional analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids.

Styles:Due to variation in price, features, size and the way they’re placed in the ear, there are a few common types of hearing aid styles.

  • Completely In the canal: This type of hearing aid is molded to fit inside the ear canal and improves mild hearing loss in adults since it is the smallest one and has small batteries. This type does not have volume control nor does it have a directional microphone.
  • In the canal: With a custom molded design, this type fits in the ear canal, partly and is less visible and may be difficult to adjust mainly because of its small size
  • In the ear: These are custom made in two styles, one fills the bowl-shaped area of the outer ear and other fills the lower part. These are helpful to fix mild to severe hearing loss and such styles also have volume control and a larger battery but are more visible in the ear.
  • Behind the ear: These hooks over the top of the ear and rest behind. The hearing aid is connected to the custom earpiece called an ear mold through a tube. They are appropriate for any type and severity of hearing loss.
  • Open fit: This type is a variation of the behind-the-ear hearing aid and has a thin tube to keep the ear canal open so that low-frequency sounds can enter the ear in a natural manner while the high-frequency sounds can be amplified through the aid. But it has small parts, thus can be difficult to handle and adjust.

Thus, based on the patient’s requirement, they can choose the style that bests suit their condition.Medicare Products, a world class manufacturer of Medical products supplies the best quality hearing aids in a wide range. All their products are manufactured by specialists in compliance with the best quality standards. Their hearing aids are of supreme quality, durable, long lasting and are available at affordable prices. More details can be obtained by visiting their website.

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