How to Choose the Right Thermometer?

Buying a medical device requires a great deal of research and a simple thermometer is no exception to this rule. This device is very simple, but available in different types and it is important to choose the one that suits your needs the best. While choosing the right type of thermometer, one needs to know the various ways to use them and the features that a good thermometer should have. This is blog will surely be helpful if you are going to purchase a new thermometer.

Picking the Right Thermometer

There were days, when tongue keeping thermometers were the only thermometers available in the market that needed a couple of minutes to get the accurate reading. The modern thermometers just need a few seconds to gauge your body temperature. Newly introduced thermometers are more sanitized to use because not all of them need to be put in the mouth. Following are some types of thermometers available in the market:

  • Oral Thermometers: Digital thermometers are used orally i.e. by holding the tip containing the sensor under the tongue. These thermometers barely take 60 – 90 seconds to give an accurate result. LED screen thermometers often display the temperature in Fahrenheit but there are some brands that provide Celsius reading thermometer too. The oral thermometers are perfect for use by kids over the age of 4 as well as adults.
  • Rectal Thermometers: It is clear from its name that the purpose of this thermometer to measure the rectal temperature for the infant and kids under the age of 4. Rectal thermometers are perfect and offer has better accuracy than the oral thermometer. For the safety purpose doctor’s recommendation is vital if you are using a rectal thermometer for your child.
  • Axillary Thermometers: As the name suggests Axillary thermometer are used by holding it tip tightly in the armpit. Though, this is an incorrect way to measure the body’s temperature.
  • Eardrum Thermometers: These thermometers are measures the infrared radiation stemming from the tissues of the eardrum and produces accurate temperature readings in just about 3 seconds. You will need to implant the thermometer at the opening of the ear canal and wait for a beep.
  • Temporal Artery Thermometers: Temporal Artery is one of the best types of thermometers. The function of infrared scanner available in the temporal artery thermometer is to measure the temperature of the patient. It is hygienic, really quick, accurate and convenient, but it is really expensive.
  • Pacifier Thermometers / Nipple Thermometer: This is a sensor embedded thermometer within the pacifier. It is used to measure baby’s temperature orally.
  • Multipurpose Thermometers: Since the digital thermometers are available in various types (Oral, rectal or axillary) one can choose the best one based on their preferences or requirement you can purchase any of the digital thermometer.

Whatever thermometer you are going to purchase, make sure they have a clear LED screen for easy readability. Almost all types of devices contain certain features like beeper to indicate temperature measured and auto shut-off to save battery. Medicare Products manufactures a wide range of medical products in compliance with the best quality standards. Their thermometers are of supreme quality, durable, long lasting and are available at affordable prices and are supplied to most clinics, hospitals and health care units.

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