Standardization of Medical Equipment

Standardization of Medical Equipment: Advantage or Disadvantage?

With the advancement in medical technology, patient care has become much easier as diagnoses are more accurate and treatments are highly effective that have increased the life expectancy of people. But along with advancement in technology, the cost for health care has also risen. Therefore it has become increasingly necessary to carefully evaluate medical equipment. Healthcare facilities increasing look on reducing costs which has made them extremely selective in purchasing medical devices. The primary concern is shifted from health and quality to cost effectiveness. Thus the acts of group purchasing and value analysis have become common in Hospitals and medical units.

Due to escalating costs, hospitals do not just depend on physician’s preference for the choice of medical device but highly base it on costs. Hospitals are trying to find savings. Accordingly the formulary committees assess medical devices based on their efficacy and safety as well as relative costs of the products.

Therefore to ensure safety of the consumers, standardization of medical products has become increasingly important. This is a process that would be beneficial for the manufacturers, the healthcare units as well as the patients. For the manufacturers, this would rationalize different varieties of products, improve design and speed up order management, and simplify marketing of products as well as the purchasing cycle. For the healthcare units, standardization would establish the safety and quality of products, inform consumers about characteristics and makes comparison easier.The patients would also benefit due to the safety norms.

There are certain obstacles when it comes to the review and standardization of medical products describes as follows:

  • Since less clinical trial data are available on treatment outcomes for the medical devices hence it becomes difficult to review them.
  • New medical devices are brought to the market rapidly which makes it difficult for the healthcare units and hospitals to stay current.
  • It is difficult to assess product equivalence for items that have different features and are developed by different manufacturers.
  • It is difficult to compare costs and to evaluate effectiveness of medical products as manufacturers do not reveal pricing voluntarily.

Healthcare practitioners and surgeons often customize medical products according to the patient’s specific needs and their also based on their training and experience.But with the advancement in technology and an onslaught of medical devices reaching the market, the need for evaluation and standardization has also increased. The decision to choose medical devices is dependent on the surgeon’s choice, time pressures and pricing. The explosive growth of medical technology has also made it difficult to assess medical technologies. Thus there is a growing need for good manufacturing process guidelines, and market surveillance.

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