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Kitchen Scale

  • Product Description

    Model: MCP SF-400

    ISO, CE Mark, WHO-GMP


    ·         Equipped with a high precision “Strain-Guage” sensor

    ·         Capacity: 5000 gm

    ·         Division: 0.1-1g

    ·         LCD Display 0.6”

    ·         Automatic Zero resetting

    ·         Automatic Switch Off

    ·         Low Power Indicator

    ·         Overloaded Indicator “EEEE”


    Power Supply

    ·         Please rapidly install in the battery to battery holder after open the cover of battery holder

    ·         01 Pc Lithium Battery Included

    ·         Low Battery Indication “+-“


    ·         STEP 1 : Put the kitchen scale on a hard & flate surface

    ·         STEP 2: Press the key of “ON/OFF”, the scale will be zero in 3 seconds.

    ·         STEP 3: Put the object that will weighed into the container, the weigh will appear on the display.

    Switch Off

    ·         After finish weighting, press key “ON/OFF”

    ·       When you step off the scale, it will automatically switch off, if no weighing is carried out while the zero is being displayed the scale switches itself off automatically after approximate one minute.

    Unit Exchange

    ·         Press the key of “MODE”, you can choose the unit og “g” or “oz”