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Digital Weighing Scale Square 150 Kgs

  • Product Description

    Model: MCP 2003B

    ISO, CE Mark, WHO GMP

     Basic Standards

    ·         Capacity: 0-180 Kgs

    ·         Graduation: 0.1 Kg

    ·         Display: 4 Digits LCD

    ·         Battery: 3V 7 Battery

    ·         Temp: for work: 10-35 Deg. C

    ·         Turn on auto, Up automatically on that

    ·         Unit: Kg/lb

    ·         Turn off after 10 seconds

    ·         Hint of low-tension: “LO-“

    ·         Hint of wrong: “…”

    ·         Hint of out: :o-ld”

     Operate Explain

    ·         Vibrate the surface with foot and it will switch on automatically.

    ·         After switch on, “8” will display and it will move from left to right until “0.0” appears.

    ·         Stand on the scale in balance and start to weigh, when the weigh is set, the figure will flash and then you can read it.

    ·         The figure will keep flashing for 10 seconds and the scale will switch off.

    ·         Replace the battery if the screen display :LO”

    ·         Try again if the screen shows “Err”

    ·         Keep it dry and don’t touch water.


    ·         When unused, the scale should be left unloaded to avoid over assumption of power and failure of work.

    ·         Try to stand in the middle place to avoid slip.

    ·         Stand on the scale in good balance to avoid failure of lock and incorrect illustration.

    ·         No heavy knock on the scale.

    ·         Keep it away from water and don’t wash it with water

    ·         Battery have been set up.