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Digital/Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

  • Product Description

    Digital / Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

    Model: MCP RCS-20

    1. Application
    RCS-20 Type Electronic Baby Scale is used for weighing baby's weight.

    2. Service Condition
    (a) Ambient Temperature: 0 Deg C to 35 Deg C
    (b) Relative Humidity: <90%

    3. Features and Size
    Max. Weight : 20 Kgs
    Graduation: 10 gm
    Dimensions of Weighing Pan: 545 x 270 (mm)
    Overall Dimensions: L x W x H (545 x 322 x 142 mm)
    Net Weight: 2.6 Kg

    4. Operational Illumination:
    (a) Power Supply : Four 1.5VAA (5#) Batteries
    Or AC 220V Special DC 6V Power Adaptor

    (b) Display : LCD Displaying

    (c) Startup : Press Power Switch at the back of the scale to start it. 0.000 or ZERO immediately appear on LCD and the scale is ready for weighing. If not, press C key. After LCD displays 0.000 and "<| " on the top right stops flashing, the scale is ready for weighing.

    (d) Alternative of the weighing unit Kg/Lb: Press Kg/Lb key, the :<| " on the top right LCD points present weighing. Press Kg/Lb key repeatedly, "<|" will alternate between Kg and Lb

    (e) Weighing operation: When LCD display 0.000, It is ready for weighing. 

    (f) Weighing-Value Locked : Press LOCK key and the weighing value can be locked. The weighing-value would not change and the value could be recorded. Press LOCK key repeatedly and the state of locking or unlocking alternatively transforms. 

    (g) Over-Weight - When the weight is above 20Kg, OF appear on LCD. And at the same time the alarm is ringing. If so, remove the weight immediately to prevent the sensor from damage. 

    (h) Turnoff: When the scale is not being used, press Power Switch at the back of it to save the power. 

    (i) Low-Voltage Display : When the power voltage is too low, batter sign appears. Please replace new batteries to sustain weighing accuracy. 

    (j) Error Display: If LCD display ERR, it means something wrong. Please weigh again or the scale needs repairing 

    (k) Tare Deduction : If there is a tare on the tray, press C key. After deducting the tare, the scale is ready for weighing. If the tare is removed, LCD displays the minus tare value. Please press C-Key again, 0.000 will appear once more. 

    (l) The scale shall be put on the level table and not on the slantwise table so as to keep the scale from slipping out and avoid baby's falling down hurt.

    (m) When weighing, please put the baby in the carrier of the tray to ensure getting a weighing value precisely, meanwhile, to avoid baby's falling from the tray

    (n) If the scale will not be used for long time, pull out the power adaptor please.