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Baby Weighing Scale Digital

  • Product Description

    Baby Digital/Electronic Weighing Scale

    1. Technical Specification

    - Work Temperature 10 - 40 Deg C
    - Environmental Humidity: <0%
    - Maximum Capacity: 20 Kgs
    - Power Supply: AA x 4 Batteries 
    - Low Power: Lo
    - Error of Indication : Err
    - Unit Change - kg or lb
    - Memory Function : Optionally save and recall weighing value
    - Turn off automatically 

    2. Keys' Function

    - ON/ZERO (/OFF) : Press the switch to power on the scale and start up weighing process. For Zero operation, press the switch again to clear the display and "zero" annunciator will show in the left low corner of LCD. To turn off the scale please hold pressing this switch for about 3 seconds.

    - MODE: Weighing units exchange switch. Press the switch to select kg and lb in turn. The suitable indicator of unit is shown in LCD right side by kg or lb announciator.

    - MEM : While the scale is in "0.00" situation, press the switch to recall the former one weighing value saved in the memory and the suitable indicator is lighted. During weighing if the switch is pressed and the stable value will be saved, otherwise twinkling value is not saved in the memory.

    3. Operation

    - After the batteries placed, press "ON/ZERO (/OFF)" key to start the scale untill "0.00" appearance.

    - Gently place baby on the pan, weighing record will be flashed on the window after few seconds. If baby remain lying on the pan after its weight value has shown, the weighing value will continue to flash for 5 minutes and then turn off automatically.

    - If take baby from the pan immediately after baby's weight has been flashed, the scale will return to "0.00" and then turn off automatically within 5 minutes if no operation again.

    - If see about the former saved weighing value, please press the "MEM" switch while the scale is in "0.00" position. The scale scale will save optional value during each weighing opeartion.